Table Tops & Wall Dividers For Booths & Banquettes

Table tops and wall dividers for restaurants, bars, casinos, lounges, hotels, airports, and more.
We've separated our table tops and wall dividers into two pages. Please click on one of the below links.

Tabletops - 5 photos of laminated and padded table tops; 6 solid wood edge with laminate table tops; 6 solid wood & solid wood with laminate or veneer table tops

Wall Dividers - 3 wood frame panels with etched glass insert; 1 JSLD wall divider with removable laminated panels; 6 upholstered wall panels and dividers; 1 wall panel and divider with wainscoting


We're one of the leading American furniture manufacturers of custom tabletops and wall dividers for a restaurant, bar, casino, lounge, hotel, airport, and more.