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Do I want a foam padded spring seat or an all foam seat?
We offer foam padded NoSag spring seats and all foam seats. They are both the best quality seats available and are both manufactured with the same high quality high density foam. The difference is the all foam seat uses 2 1/2" to 3" of foam and the spring seat uses 1 1/2" to 2" of foam. The cost for each option is the same, because the cost of the extra foam balances out the cost of the spring system. The foam we use is expensive because it is very high quality.

Most manufacturers that sell an all foam seat use low quality foam to save money. The customer thinks that they are getting a low maintenance seat. They eventually find that the foam breaks down quickly and sags. This sagging also causes premature wearing of the seat covering.

90% of our furniture is manufactured with a NoSag spring seat system. We have been manufacturing this same seat for over 30 years. We space our springs much closer than most manufacturers. We use 3-rows of insolated wire to tie them together and use automobile grade decking over the springs. This is topped off with high quality foam. Our spring seat and foam seat will last about the same length of time, but the spring seat is a little more comfortable.

What is the difference between booths and banquettes?
Booths are typically built as a single and doubles. A single booth is built so the customer sits on one side. A double booth is built so the customer sits on both sides, back to back with a different customer. They can be built to sit from 2 to 6 people per seating unit. Single and double booths face each other with a table between them. This is very common dining room seating and a favorite for most people because it gives them more privacy and comfort than tables and chairs.

Banquettes are typically built in long lengths. They typically have a table in front of them with a chair on the opposite side of that table. They can be built to any length and shape. They can back up to a wall or sit in the center of a room. One big advantage to banquette seating over booth seating is the ability to move the tables to create different table configurations for different sized parties.

What are the standard booth and banquette heights?
The most common booth and banquette heights are 36" and 42".  36" high booths and banquettes will give your restaurant a more open feeling;  42" high booths will give the customer a feeling of more privacy. You can order your booths and banquettes to any height since everything we manufacture is custom built for each project. Our furniture can fit under a window or chair rail if you want. You may want something much higher for more privacy or a particular look.

What are the standard seat height options?
Standard seat heights are as follows: (lounge seating 17 1/2" high and typically deeper), (dining height seating 18 1/2" high), (counter height seating 24 1/2" high), (bar height seating 30 1/2" high). We recommend a footrest on counter and bar height seating for proper comfort. We can build your furniture with any seat height that you want. We also build lower seat height for children's seating.

How do I know the materials that I select will last?
All materials will have specification that tell you what they are made of. They will also have performance specifications. One of the key things to look for in these specifications is "Abrasion Resistance". This will be measured in double rubs. The higher the double rubs, the longer the material will last. Keep in mind there are a lot of high quality materials available for a reasonable price. These materials are manufactured in large quantities to keep the price competitive. There are also a lot of materials available that are manufactured in large quantities at a very low price. These materials will not last nearly as long as the higher quality materials. Look at the performance specifications closely before choosing these materials. Designer materials are generally good to high quality materials manufactured in small batches. These materials can give you a particular look that you want and probably not see in most places. The quality of these materials is about the same as the high quality materials discussed above, but will come at a much higher price.

Do you sell chairs?
No, we do NOT sell chairs. We do make a few custom 1-seat banquettes which can be seen at the bottom of our Waiting & Lobby Seat Page.

What days and hours are you open?
Office hours and days are 8AM-4:30PM M-F EST. After 4:30PM all phone calls are automatically forwarded to our answer machine; We will respond to all phone messages the following business day.

Do you have a mobile website so I can send your URL (jaysfurniture.com) to people with smart phones?
We don't need one as our website is a Responsive Website which means it will display clearly on PCs, tablets, and smart cell phones. The formatting is different, but all of the important information is displayed no matter the device used.

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