Waiting Room, Lounge, & Lobby Seating - 32+ Photos

Furniture for offices, hotels, airports and more

Some of our waiting room, lounge, and lobby furniture is also repeated on our Signature Series Banquettes page as photos there might also be appropriate for your furniture needs.  See our Back Rest & Specifications page as our waiting and lobby furniture have numerous options.

Tier 1 manufacturer of 60 plus traditional lounge banquettes.  Many furniture pieces are available in wall bench, U-shaped banquettes and circular booths.
NOTE: All of our custom banquette furniture is built to any size, height, and shape to fit our customers' needs! There is no extra cost for custom sizes that fit your space!

WLW-401 Pouffe
WLW-402 Banquette
WLW-403 Banquette
WLW-421 Banquette
WLW-203 Banquette
WLW-204 Banquette
WLW-209 Banquette
WLW-346 Banquette
WLW-350 Banquette
WLW-303 Banquette
WLW-308 Pouffe
WLW-214 Pouffe
WLW-215 Pouffe
WLW-216 Pouffe
WLW-217 Pouffe

WLW-218 Pouffe
WLW-219 Pouffe
WLW-220 Pouffe
WLW-331 Banquette
WLW-304 Banquette
WLW-343 Banquette
WLW-330 Banquette
WLW-335 Banquette
WLW-349 Banquette
WLW-302 Banquette
WLW-338 Bench
WLW-351 Bench
WLW-352 Bench
WLW-348 Bench
WLW-1006-A Banquette
WLW-1006-B Banquette
WLW-307 Banquette

Buffalo, NY manufacturer of waiting room & lobby seating banquettes for American & Canadian companies; Our marketing focus is on the eastern USA states & Canada with clients in states throughout America.