Gallery of Design Idea - 41+ Banquette Seating Photos

Furniture for offices, hotels, airports and more

Displayed below are examples of custom banquettes which we've manufactured for clients. Hopefully the photos will give a designer or business owner ideas should you desire custom banquette seating. (The stools, pouffes, and Banquette Seating displayed on our Signature Series Page are in our catalog and can be ordered at any time. See our Booths Summary & Banquette Summary Page for links to various booth pages.) Any booth or banquette can be finished in vinyl, fabric, or leather.

See our page on Back Rest & Specifications as our booths, pouffes, benches, and modern banquettes have numerous options.

Tier 1 manufacturer of 60 plus traditional restaurant booths and and upscale banquettes.  Many furniture pieces are available in wall bench, U-shaped banquettes and circular booths.
NOTE: All of our custom banquette furniture is built to any size, height, and shape to fit our customers' needs! There is no extra cost for custom sizes that fit your space!

GAW-404 Banquette
GAW-405 Banquette
GAW-406 Banquette
GAW-403 Banquette
GAW-100 Banquette
GAW-108 Banquette
GAW-155 Banquette
GAW-163 Banquette
GAW-162 Banquette
GAW-118 Banquette
GAW-117 Banquette
GAW-159 Banquette
GAW-164 Banquette
GAW-114 Banquette
GAW-109 Banquette
GAW-156 Banquette
GAW-113 Banquette
GAW-110 Banquette
GAW-103 Banquette
GAW-121 Banquette
GAW-160 Banquette
GAW-111 Banquette
GAW-104 Banquette
GAW-157 Banquette
GAW-158 Banquette
GAW-101 Banquette
GAW-154 Banquette
GAW-112 Banquette
GAW-333 Banquette
GAW-340 Banquette
GAW-341 Banquette
GAW-106 Banquette
GAW-107 Banquette
GAW-165 Banquette
GAW-115 Banquette
GAW-116 Banquette
GAW-152 Banquette
GAW-342 Banquette
GAW-344 Banquette
GAW-166 Banquette
GAW-161 Banquette

We're an American seating manufacturer of custom banquettes, pouffes, stools, tabletops, booths, and divider walls for casinos, hotels, offices, airports, malls, etc. for companies in the USA and Canada in need of Waiting Room and Lobby Furniture.